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Refund Policy

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About the Template

You wouldn’t make cookies without eggs, why do business without a refund policy? Beef up the protection your business needs to operate at its fullest. Our customizable contract template allows you to make your terms crystal clear when it comes to returns and refunds clients purchase. Manage expectations and avoid all manner of mess with a download of this smart contract.

For best results follow these steps:

  • Access your contract template through the secure link provided using the email address used at purchase.
  • Download your template.
  • Customize your contract template with your brand's language.
  • Save the customized version for your records.
  • Provide your contract to your clients & colleagues.
  • Protect Your Biz!

Main Ingredients: 

Customizable & Editable Contract Template

Serving Size: Seven downloads are available to you before the link expires. Must be redeemed within 12 months.